The 'Other' Employee Benefit: Ergonomics In The Workplace

Guest Blogger

By Guest Blogger

May 10, 2022

The term “ergonomics” is such a buzzword nowadays that you’re probably wondering what it means. It refers to the scientific application of concepts of psychology and physiology in the design of various products and practices. In short, it’s the science of comfort. When applied to the workplace, ergonomics studies how best to make you feel comfortable so you can reach new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Ergonomic accessories are especially popular. The global market for ergonomic computer equipment alone is expected to grow in value by $USD 899.3 million between now and 2025. This isn’t surprising given the recent shift to remote and hybrid work models over the past 2 years.

Yet the big question remains:

Should you incorporate ergonomics into your own workplace?

Below we discuss a few of the advantages it has to offer for your company today.

It promotes a healthier workplace

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Sitting for long periods of time — like when working at your desk for 8 hours a day — negatively impacts your blood circulation. This can increase your risk for everything, from diabetes to heart disease and even cancer. Ergonomic accessories help by lowering the amount of tension in your body. By doing so, you minimize the risk of employees incurring repetitive strain injuries or longer-lasting health conditions.

For example, ergonomic chairs reduce stress on the spine and neck. Similarly-designed mice and keyboards encourage your arms and wrists to rest in natural positions, preventing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Meanwhile, the best standing desk converters can facilitate breaks from sitting without disrupting work, all while encouraging blood flow to your legs. Investing in these accessories will help you promote a safer and healthier workplace so you can protect your company’s most precious assets — your employees.

It boosts productivity levels

When you’re comfortable, you work better. One example is thermal comfort: heat makes you irritable, and the cold can have you shivering uncontrollably. The same principle applies to ergonomics: allowing the body to rest in a more natural posture promotes better comfort. You and your employees will be able to better focus on your work with improved efficiency and productivity.

You’ll also be less likely to make mistakes and have the mental clarity to add more depth to your work. As a result, your company is likely to see ROI in the form of higher-quality output. Employees may also be able to find their work more meaningful, helping increase job satisfaction and improve your company’s overall retention rate. When viewed in this light, you might even say that ergonomics is the key to a better workplace culture.

It improves your bottom line

With ergonomics, you can save money in multiple places. Eliminating safety hazards mean you can avoid paying for medical costs or disability claims. Boosted productivity reduces the risk of errors that can hamper company growth. Most importantly, you reduce employee turnover. We’ve previously discussed the true cost of losing an employee as ranging between 30-400% of their annual salary depending on their role. This is money that can be put to better use somewhere else.

Get a Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

When looking to harness the benefits of ergonomics, it’s important to have your workplace assessed by professionals like ergonomists for an average hourly rate of $50. You can start at the website of the Canadian College for the Certification of Professional Ergonomists, which has a handy tool for finding certified ergonomists in your area. From here you can take their recommendations, try various accessories, and tweak your ergonomics strategy even further.

In Summary

If you’re looking to improve your workplace and secure your company’s long-term growth, incorporating ergonomics is a great way to start. Like any investment, it may cost a bit at first — but it pays off significantly in terms of health, productivity, and improved company savings.

This article was provided by guest blogger Daisy Bower.

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