Revolutionizing Benefits Management: How Simply Benefits Empowers Advisors

Adam DiBiase

By Adam DiBiase

November 21, 2023

Challenges In Group Benefits Administration

Group Benefits Advisors who are not partnered with Simply Benefits spend lots of time dealing with:

  1. Long paper-based application processes
  2. Onboarding new groups and enrolling employees
  3. Client complaints about submitting paper claims or navigating poor user portals
  4. Relying on manual updates to plan sponsor or plan member records
  5. Unorganized group management

The administrative tasks associated with managing group benefit packages needed innovation- that is where Simply Benefits comes in.

What is Simply Benefits?

In simplest terms, Simply Benefits is a 100% digital platform that allows:

Benefits Advisors to quote, onboard, and manage all their prospects and groups

Plan Administrators to run reports and manage their benefits plan and employees in real-time

Plan Members to submit claims, check their coverage, usage, and a lot more!

Benefits for Benefits Advisors

The key benefits that we provide for advisors are efficiency and ease of use. As previously mentioned, benefits advisors can quote and onboard their groups through our digital quoting system. This can be done in minutes... not days, weeks, or months. Once the client is set up, you have the ability to manage these accounts and view all the details related to the accounts.

Digital Master Application

Training and Support

Once the client is onboarded, our customer success team will train Plan Administrators on how to use our Simply Benefits platform from start to finish. We also have a white labelling feature which means that the group will have the option to replace our Simply Benefits branding with their own branding.

If further assistance is required, we offer a full suite of customer support services to help Plan Administrators and Plan Members navigate their benefits and our portal.

Efficiency and Productivity

We offer Advisors the freedom to focus on what truly matters: building strong client relationships and crafting strategic benefit plans that meet your client's unique needs. With Simply Benefits, you'll have more time to provide personalized guidance, ensuring your clients make informed decisions and attain a benefit package that meets their needs without investing hours in plan management.

Advisor Portal Walkthrough

Benefits for Plan Sponsors 

Plan Sponsors encounter various challenges when managing group benefits, and this is where Simply Benefits truly excels. Rather than grappling with lengthy paper-based application processes, the extended time of manually enrolling new employees, and simply having no report generation. Simply Benefits provides an efficient, user-friendly portal for Plan Sponsors. It covers all aspects, from viewing invoices, generating reports, and checking invoices, to easily enrolling new employees. Our platform empowers the Plan Sponsor to optimize costs by efficiently managing their group benefits.

Plan Sponsor Portal Walkthrough

Benefits for Plan Members

For Plan Members, Simply Benefits is designed to elevate the employee's benefits experience with our desktop portal and mobile app. There's no need to navigate confusing portals or deal with paper claims. Our platform offers a dedicated space where the employee can effortlessly submit claims, review coverage, track usage, and access a wealth of information about their benefits. We prioritize transparency and aim to empower the employee to make well-informed decisions regarding their benefits. If they have any questions or require support, we make it straightforward to communicate with our support team. We believe the employees benefits experience should be hassle-free and that is what we deliver. Some of our competitors tout real- time records management but behind the scenes their processes remain manual. Simply Benefits uses technology to offer a fully digital, real- time experience with no smoke and mirrors.

Employee Portal - Desktop Walkthrough

Employee Mobile Application Walkthrough

Advisor Testimonials


Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 11.03.19 AM
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Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 11.03.39 AM


Descriptive Video of our Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions about data security or the cost associated with implementing Simply Benefits. We take data security seriously, and our platform incorporates robust security measures to safeguard your information. As for pricing, we don’t charge for value added services that help to differentiate our Advisors in the marketplace.

Make Your Benefits Advising More Efficient

The employee benefits industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and Simply Benefits is leading the way by revolutionizing how benefits advisors, plan sponsors, and plan members manage their benefits. With efficiency, transparency, and user-friendliness as our core principles, we are committed to simplifying benefits management for all stakeholders. Join us in embracing the future of benefits management and discover the positive impact Simply Benefits can have on your journey toward enhanced benefits management.

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