How Simply Benefits is Putting Group Benefits Advisors First

Simply Benefits Marketing

By Simply Benefits Marketing

October 27, 2021

Advisors are the backbone of the insurance industry. However, more and more insurance carriers are looking to push them out to increase their own bottom line, but we see things differently. 

At Simply Benefits, it’s our mission to keep benefits advisors at the core of our sales process. We offer a new, easy-to-use platform to help you digitally manage a variety of group benefits products, offer more options to clients and sell faster.  We see the value in advisors because we know the hard work, trust, and knowledge that you bring to both your employers clients and insurance providers alike. 

Here are the 5 reasons why advisors will want to place business with us:

1. We will always use advisors, and will never do direct business

We all know that the insurance industry is outdated when it comes to technology, but that doesn’t mean the core business model needs to be reinvented. 

Advisors, employers and employees aren't frustrated with the benefits they are receiving or who is selling them. Instead, they want more options, better technology, and extra flexibility. That’s why our technology is the core to our business - we will always deliver through advisors - never direct.

  • Simply Benefits: We’re keeping the same business model, but we’re updating the process and all the technology involved.
  • Competitors: Our competitors are either keeping the same business model with outdated technology or creating modern technology but cutting out advisors.

Our CEO Jeff Cox, an Advisor for 15+ years, believes that advisors are the lifeblood of distribution because good advisors, give good advice and their clients trust them. 

2. We’re much faster than the industry average

Right now, it can take up to 30 days to onboard a new client (sometimes even longer). From gathering census data, waiting for underwriters, reviewing proposals, and enrolling employees, the process is lengthy and frustrating.

With Simply Benefits, it takes advisors only minutes to enter their clients’ information, census data, create plan designs, and send them off for underwriting. Once plan pricing comes back, advisors can select the right plan for their client, e-sign the master application, and send it to their clients to digitally review and sign. 

Advisors don't need to go outside the Simply Benefits portal to get something done. This means you’re spending less time organizing and more time selling. Image what you can do with time!

  • Simply Benefits: We have completely digitized the client onboarding process so advisors can sell faster than ever.
  • Competitors: Our competitors are still forcing you to manage everything on your own with a lot of paperwork, planning, and back and forth.

3. We offer more control and visibility over clients

Instead of sorting through piles of paperwork, we have made gathering client data easy and secure. With Simply Benefits, advisors can track their clients through every stage of the onboarding process. They can also review a breakdown of active accounts, lost opportunities, and commissions. 

  • Simply Benefits: We offer digital tracking for all your clients so you always have their information on hand, and know exactly where they are in the onboarding process.
  • Competitors: Our competitors expect you to manage and track all this information on your own. Trying to check the status of a new client quickly? Forget about it.

4. Earn and track commissions clearly and get paid fast

Tracking and earning commissions with Simply Benefits is easy, straightforward, and fast. After adding in your commission percentages during onboarding, you’ll be able to view a breakdown of earnings once your client has signed the dotted line. 

You can view pending commissions, paid commissions, or get a breakdown by client, date, and status for a detailed overview. 

  • Simply Benefits: Easily track your commissions and total earnings, or break down information by client for even more detail. 
  • Competitors: Most of our competitors don’t offer live, detailed, commission information on-hand.

5. We’re 100% digital from start to finish

If you haven’t realized this yet, then we’re happy to tell you that Simply Benefits is 100% digital. That means that from the moment you add your clients’ account details straight to when your clients’ employees are using their benefits, every step and process is paperless. 

You, your clients (employers), and their employees will all have access to a Simply Benefits platform designed for each individual’s needs. Your clients will be able to digitally manage their employees’ benefits, and their employees will be able to review coverage, submit claims, and track usage all on desktop or smartphone. It’s truly that easy. 

  • Simply Benefits: We are 100% digital from the master application to employee claim submission
  • Competitors: Our competitors are still either using outdated technology or don’t offer the right solutions for you and your clients. 

Final Thoughts

At Simply Benefits, we believe that the employee benefits process should be digital and easy to use, for advisors, employers and employees. If this sounds like it would work well with you and your business, we have created a ton of materials that can help you get started. Check out our videos on our YouTube Channel to see us in action. 

Contact our sales team for more information.

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About Simply Benefits

Simply Benefits is a Third Party Payor (TPP) that provides Employee Health Benefits 100% digitally through our Canadian Advisor partners. Our all-in-one digital benefits management solution provides three portals that enable Benefits Advisors to manage all client plans online, Employers to efficiently administer employee coverage, and Employees to view, update and use their benefits 24/7 via desktop or smartphone app. We help ENGAGE Employees Anytime, Anywhere, SIMPLIFY the Benefits Experience and EVOLVE an Advisors’ Benefits Business. To learn more, visit our website or connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Employee Benefits Made Simple. 

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